American Country

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American Country AAM548

Traditional and modern country tracks

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM548

  • 001The Simple LifeFull Mix1:33
  • 002The Simple LifeNo Solos1:33
  • 003The Simple LifeNo Bass1:33
  • 004The Simple LifeAcoustic Bed1:33
  • 005Friends For LifeFull Mix1:38
  • 006Friends For LifeMusic Bed1:37
  • 007Friends For LifeNo Drums1:37
  • 008Friends For LifeBass & Drums Only1:37
  • 009Sun StrollFull Mix2:10
  • 010Sun StrollNo Fiddle2:10
  • 011Sun StrollMusic Bed2:10
  • 012Sun StrollNo Drums2:10
  • 013Sun StrollBass & Drums Only2:10
  • 014Breaking FreeFull Mix1:30
  • 015Breaking FreeNo Solos1:30
  • 016Breaking FreeAcoustic Bed1:30
  • 017Breaking FreeNo Drums1:30
  • 018By The RiverFull Mix1:40
  • 019By The RiverMusic Bed1:40
  • 020By The RiverBass & Drums Only1:40
  • 021Home For GoodFull Mix3:35
  • 022Home For GoodShort Edit2:28
  • 023Home For GoodNo Melody3:35
  • 024Home For GoodNo Drums3:35
  • 025Home For GoodBass & Drums Only3:35
  • 026Right At HomeFull Mix2:55
  • 027Right At HomeNo Mandolin Melody2:56
  • 028Right At HomeNo Kick Or Snare2:55
  • 029Right At HomeNo Drums2:55
  • 030Welcome LifeFull Mix2:03
  • 031Welcome LifeNo Melody2:03
  • 032Welcome LifeNo Drums2:03
  • 033Welcome LifeBass & Drums Only2:03
  • 034Wide Open SpacesFull Mix3:09
  • 035Wide Open SpacesNo Melody3:09
  • 036Made In AmericaFull Mix2:03
  • 037Made In AmericaNo Melody2:01
  • 038Made In AmericaNo Drums2:03
  • 039Made In AmericaBass & Drums Only2:02
  • 040The Journey BeginsFull Mix1:25
  • 041The Journey BeginsNo Solos1:25
  • 042The Journey BeginsAcoustic Guitars Only1:23
  • 043The Journey BeginsNo Drums1:25
  • 044Coming Back HomeFull Mix2:26
  • 045Coming Back HomeNo Melody2:26
  • 046Coming Back HomeBass & Drums Only2:26
  • 047To NashvilleFull Mix1:41
  • 048To NashvilleNo Melody1:41
  • 049To NashvilleBass & Drums Only1:41




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