Rock Sessions

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Rock Sessions AAM546

modern and retro rock tracks in a variety of styles and moods

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM546

  • 001Midnight ChildFull Mix3:10
  • 002Midnight ChildMusic Bed3:10
  • 003Midnight ChildBass And Drums Only3:10
  • 004Midnight Child60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 005Midnight Child30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 006Beat The CrowdFull Mix1:23
  • 007Beat The CrowdNo Lead Guitar1:22
  • 008Beat The CrowdBass And Drums Only1:20
  • 009Beat The Crowd60 Seconds Edit, No Lead Gtr1:00
  • 010Beat The Crowd30 Seconds Edit, No Lead Gtr0:30
  • 011Match PointFull Mix2:15
  • 012Match PointNo Guitar Melody2:00
  • 013Match PointBass And Drums Only2:15
  • 014Match Point60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 015Match Point30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 016Fuzz BoxerFull Mix2:09
  • 017Fuzz BoxerNo Lead Guitar2:09
  • 018Fuzz BoxerNo Drums2:07
  • 019Fuzz BoxerBass And Drums Only2:09
  • 020Fuzz Boxer60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 021Fuzz Boxer30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 022Virtual ManFull Mix1:31
  • 023Virtual ManNo Lead Guitar1:30
  • 024Virtual ManBass And Drums Only1:30
  • 025Virtual Man60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:59
  • 026Virtual Man30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:29
  • 027Life RedefinedFull Mix1:32
  • 028Life RedefinedNo Synth1:32
  • 029Life RedefinedMusic Bed1:32
  • 030Life RedefinedNo Bass Or Drums1:32
  • 031Life RedefinedBass And Drums Only1:31
  • 032Life Redefined60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 033Life Redefined30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 034Former GloryFull Mix1:50
  • 035Former GloryNo Guitar Melody1:50
  • 036Former GloryNo Bass Or Drums1:50
  • 037Former GloryBass And Drums Only1:50
  • 038Former Glory60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 039Former Glory30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 040InvisibilityFull Mix1:34
  • 041InvisibilityMusic Bed1:30
  • 042InvisibilityNo Bass Or Drums1:31
  • 043InvisibilityBass And Drums Only1:24
  • 044Invisibility60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 045Invisibility30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 046One Trick PonyFull Mix2:26
  • 047One Trick PonyMusic Bed2:26
  • 048One Trick PonyNo Drums2:26
  • 049One Trick PonyBass And Drums Only2:26
  • 050One Trick Pony60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 051One Trick Pony30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 052Flip The SwitchFull Mix2:11
  • 053Flip The SwitchMusic Bed2:11
  • 054Flip The SwitchNo Drums2:11
  • 055Flip The SwitchBass And Drums Only2:11
  • 056Flip The Switch60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 057Flip The Switch30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 058London CallingFull Mix2:09
  • 059London CallingMusic Bed2:00
  • 060London CallingNo Drums2:09
  • 061London CallingBass And Drums Only2:00
  • 062London Calling60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 063London Calling30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 064Get On BoardFull Mix2:40
  • 065Get On BoardNo Lead Guitar2:34
  • 066Get On BoardBass And Drums Only2:33
  • 067Get On Board60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 068Get On Board30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 069Punch It OutFull Mix1:17
  • 070Punch It OutNo Slide Guitar1:17
  • 071Punch It OutBass And Drums Only1:16
  • 072Punch It OutDrums Only1:14
  • 073Punch It Out60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 074Punch It Out30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 075Burning SunFull Mix2:33
  • 076Burning SunNo Drums2:33
  • 077Burning SunDrums Only2:32
  • 078Burning Sun60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 079Burning Sun30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 080Open RoadFull Mix2:17
  • 081Open RoadMusic Bed2:18
  • 082Open RoadNo Drums2:17
  • 083Open RoadBass And Drums Only2:18
  • 084Open Road60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:59
  • 085Open Road30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 086Open RoadSting 10:07
  • 087Open RoadSting 20:10
  • 088Promised DayFull Mix1:54
  • 089Promised DayNo Guitar Melody1:54
  • 090Promised DayNo Bass Or Drums1:53
  • 091Promised DayBass And Drums Only1:54
  • 092Promised Day60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 093Promised Day30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30




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