Positive Motivation Vol. 1

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Positive Motivation Vol. 1 AAM545

Uplifting & positive pop, electronic and orchestral tracks to inspire and motivate

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM545

  • 001Going To The TopFull Mix2:15
  • 002Going To The TopNo Piano Melody2:15
  • 003Going To The TopNo Drums2:15
  • 004Going To The TopBass And Drums Only2:15
  • 005Going To The Top60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 006Going To The Top30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 007Sky's The LimitFull Mix1:32
  • 008Sky's The LimitFull Alt - With Intro1:46
  • 009Sky's The LimitLess Marcato Strings1:32
  • 010Sky's The LimitNo Drums1:32
  • 011Sky's The LimitStrings Only1:32
  • 012Sky's The Limit60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 013Sky's The Limit30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 014Top Of Your GameFull Mix2:05
  • 015Top Of Your GameNo Melody2:05
  • 016Top Of Your GameNo Drums2:05
  • 017Top Of Your GameBass And Drums Only2:04
  • 018Top Of Your Game60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 019Top Of Your Game30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 020Friends ForeverFull Mix2:26
  • 021Friends ForeverNo Melody2:26
  • 022Friends ForeverNo Drums2:26
  • 023Friends ForeverBass And Drums Only2:27
  • 024Friends Forever60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 025Friends Forever30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 026ConfidenceFull Mix2:56
  • 027ConfidenceNo High Guitar2:56
  • 028ConfidenceNo Drums2:55
  • 029Confidence60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 030Confidence30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 031Curb AppealFull Mix1:48
  • 032Curb AppealLite Mix 11:48
  • 033Curb AppealLite Mix 21:48
  • 034Curb AppealNo Percussion1:48
  • 035Curb Appeal60 Seconds Edit, Lite Mix 11:00
  • 036Curb Appeal30 Seconds Edit, Lite Mix 10:30
  • 037Success In HandFull Mix1:57
  • 038Success In HandNo Melody1:57
  • 039Success In HandNo Drums1:55
  • 040Success In HandBass And Drums Only1:55
  • 041Success In Hand60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 042Success In Hand30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 043Hello New DayFull Mix1:27
  • 044Hello New DayNo Strings1:26
  • 045Hello New DayNo Strings Melody1:27
  • 046Hello New DayNo Piano or Strings Melody1:27
  • 047Hello New DayMusic Bed1:27
  • 048Hello New DayNo Drums1:27
  • 049Hello New DayDrums Only1:24
  • 050Hello New Day60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 051Hello New Day30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 052Happy MomentsFull Mix2:16
  • 053Happy MomentsNo Whistling2:16
  • 054Happy MomentsMusic Bed2:16
  • 055Happy MomentsNo Drums2:16
  • 056Happy MomentsNo Drums Or Whistling2:16
  • 057Happy MomentsBass And Drums Only2:16
  • 058Happy Moments60 Seconds Edit, No Whistle1:00
  • 059Happy Moments30 Seconds Edit, No Whistle0:30
  • 060Ready Set GoFull Mix1:35
  • 061Ready Set GoNo Marcato Strings1:35
  • 062Ready Set GoNo Pianos1:35
  • 063Ready Set GoNo Pizz Melody1:35
  • 064Ready Set GoStrings Only1:36
  • 065Ready Set GoNo Bass1:36
  • 066Ready Set GoNo Strings1:35
  • 067Ready Set Go60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 068Ready Set Go60 Seconds Edit, Strings Only1:00
  • 069Ready Set Go60 Seconds Edit, No Strings1:35
  • 070Ready Set Go30 Seconds Edit, Strings Only0:30
  • 071Ready Set Go30 Seconds Edit, No Strings0:30
  • 072Free MotionFull Mix2:14
  • 073Free MotionNo Melody2:15
  • 074Free MotionNo Drums2:15
  • 075Free MotionBass And Drums Only2:11
  • 076Free Motion60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 077Free Motion30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 078Find Your PathFull Mix2:13
  • 079Find Your PathNo Guitar Or Dulcimer Melody2:13
  • 080Find Your PathNo Drums2:13
  • 081Find Your PathBass And Drums Only2:13
  • 082Find Your Path60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 083Find Your Path30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 084Lifting You HigherFull Mix2:35
  • 085Lifting You HigherNo Melody2:35
  • 086Lifting You HigherBass And Drums Only2:34
  • 087Lifting You Higher60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 088Lifting You Higher30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 089Successful LifeFull Mix2:05
  • 090Successful LifeNo String Melody2:05
  • 091Successful LifeMusic Bed2:05
  • 092Successful LifeBass And Drums Only2:05
  • 093Successful Life60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 094Successful Life30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30




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