World Travels

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World Travels AAM543

Traditional and non-traditional music tracks from France, Japan, China, Mexico, Africa, the Middle East and other cultures

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM543

  • 001Camino DulceFull Mix3:09
  • 002Camino DulceNo Trumpet Melody3:09
  • 003Camino DulceTrumpets Only3:09
  • 004Light In The WalletFull Mix2:12
  • 005Light In The WalletNo Clarinet or Guitar Melody2:12
  • 006Light In The WalletNo Drums2:12
  • 007Light In The WalletBass And Drums Only2:12
  • 008De VivreFull Mix3:13
  • 009De VivreNo Violin or Guitar Melody3:13
  • 010Tango Para TiFull Mix2:15
  • 011Tango Para TiNo Guitar Melody Or Accordion2:11
  • 012Tango Para TiNo Drums2:15
  • 013Tango Para TiBass And Drums Only2:11
  • 014Spirit DanceFull Mix2:22
  • 015Spirit DanceNo Ethnic Instruments2:22
  • 016Spirit DanceNo Drums or Percussion2:22
  • 017Spirit DanceDrums & Percussion Only2:22
  • 018Gypsy EyesFull Mix1:55
  • 019Gypsy EyesNo Guitar Melody1:55
  • 020Kyoto DreamsFull Mix3:02
  • 021Kyoto DreamsNo Melody3:02
  • 022Kyoto DreamsNo Melody - Funky Mix3:20
  • 023Kyoto DreamsNo Melody or Strings3:02
  • 024Kyoto DreamsNo Melody or Strings - Funky Mix3:20
  • 025Kyoto DreamsMusic Bed3:02
  • 026Kyoto DreamsMusic Bed - Funky Mix3:20
  • 027Pub CrawlinFull Mix1:47
  • 028Pub CrawlinNo Fiddle1:47
  • 029Pub CrawlinNo Drums or Percussion1:47
  • 030Pub CrawlinBass And Drums Only1:47
  • 031Lo QuieroFull Mix2:12
  • 032Lo QuieroNo Melody2:12
  • 033Lo QuieroNo Drums or Percussion2:12
  • 034Lo QuieroBass, Drums & Percussion Only2:12
  • 035Chevalier StrollFull Mix2:09
  • 036Chevalier StrollNo Clarinet or Guitar Melody2:09
  • 037Chevalier StrollNo Drums2:09
  • 038Chevalier StrollBass And Drums Only2:09
  • 039DiasporaFull Mix2:40
  • 040DiasporaMusic Bed2:40
  • 041Congo TravelsFull Mix1:55
  • 042Congo TravelsLighter Mix1:55
  • 043My Tex Mex ExFull Mix1:47
  • 044My Tex Mex ExNo Accordion1:47
  • 045My Tex Mex ExNo Drums1:47
  • 046My Tex Mex ExBass And Drums Only1:47
  • 047Top Of The MorningFull Mix2:03
  • 048Top Of The MorningNo Penny Whistle2:03
  • 049Top Of The MorningNo Piano2:08
  • 050Top Of The MorningNo Drums2:03
  • 051Top Of The MorningBass And Drums Only2:03
  • 052Hula HeavenFull Mix2:04
  • 053Hula HeavenNo Melody2:05
  • 054Hula HeavenNo Drums2:05
  • 055Hula HeavenBass And Drums Only2:05
  • 056SiroccoFull Mix2:39
  • 057SiroccoNo Melody2:39
  • 058SiroccoNo Drums2:39
  • 059SiroccoBass And Drums Only2:26
  • 060Geisha On A MissionFull Mix1:26
  • 061Geisha On A MissionNo Melody1:26
  • 062Geisha On A MissionFunky Bed1:26
  • 063Sabores De La VidaFull Mix3:08
  • 064Sabores De La VidaNo Trumpets3:08
  • 065Sabores De La VidaNo Drums3:08
  • 066Sabores De La VidaBass And Drums Only3:06
  • 067Drum TalkerFull Mix1:31
  • 068Drum TalkerLite Mix1:30
  • 069Tokyo MorningsFull Mix1:39
  • 070Tokyo MorningsNo Flute1:39
  • 071Tokyo MorningsNo Japanese Instruments1:39
  • 072Tokyo MorningsMusic Bed1:39
  • 073Mountain FestivalFull Mix2:10
  • 074Mountain FestivalNo Voices2:10
  • 075Mountain FestivalMusic Bed2:10
  • 076Mountain FestivalDrums & Percussion Only2:10
  • 077Sailing To The EastFull Mix1:35
  • 078Sailing To The EastNo Melody1:35
  • 079Sailing To The EastNo Koto1:35
  • 080Sailing To The EastBass, Drums & Percussion Only1:35
  • 081Sailing To The EastDrums & Percussion Only1:35




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