Songbook Vol. 4

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Songbook Vol. 4 AAM542

A collection of great vocal songs in a variety of styles - pop, rock, country, hip-hop, and more

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM542

  • 001Wherever You Go (The Sun Shines)Vocal Mix2:44
  • 002Wherever You Go (The Sun Shines)Vocals Only2:44
  • 003Wherever You Go (The Sun Shines)Instrumental Mix2:47
  • 004Wherever You Go (The Sun Shines)60 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix1:00
  • 005Wherever You Go (The Sun Shines)30 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix0:30
  • 006I Got Your LoveVocal Mix3:16
  • 007I Got Your LoveInstrumental Mix3:16
  • 008I Got Your Love60 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix1:00
  • 009I Got Your Love30 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix0:32
  • 010I Can Do ThatVocal Mix2:46
  • 011I Can Do ThatInstrumental Mix2:46
  • 012I Can Do That60 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix1:00
  • 013I Can Do That30 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix0:30
  • 014Are You ReadyVocal Mix3:24
  • 015Are You ReadyInstrumental Mix3:24
  • 016Are You Ready60 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix1:00
  • 017Are You Ready30 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix0:30
  • 018My SugarVocal Mix2:57
  • 019My SugarInstrumental Mix2:57
  • 020Here We Go AgainVocal Mix2:21
  • 021Here We Go AgainInstrumental Mix2:18
  • 022Here We Go Again60 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix0:59
  • 023Here We Go Again30 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix0:30
  • 024To Be Number 1Vocal Mix3:27
  • 025To Be Number 1Vocals Only3:27
  • 026To Be Number 1Instrumental Mix3:27
  • 027To Be Number 160 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix1:00
  • 028To Be Number 130 Seconds Edit, Vocal Mix0:30
  • 029I Don't Wanna KnowVocal Mix3:01
  • 030I Don't Wanna KnowInstrumental Mix3:01
  • 031Our Hearts & Our SoulsVocal Mix3:40
  • 032Our Hearts & Our SoulsVocal, Acoustic Mix3:42
  • 033Our Hearts & Our SoulsInstrumental Mix3:41
  • 034Left With NothingFull Mix - Vocal4:12
  • 035Left With NothingInstrumental Mix4:12
  • 036I'm In LoveFull Mix - Vocal3:30
  • 037I'm In LoveInstrumental Mix3:30
  • 038I'm In LoveBass & Drums Only3:33
  • 039Suki Suki (AAM)Vocal Mix3:45
  • 040Suki Suki (AAM)Lead Vocal Only3:44
  • 041Suki Suki (AAM)Background Vocals Only3:44
  • 042Suki Suki (AAM)Instrumental Mix3:45
  • 043Blind SpotVocal Mix3:11
  • 044Blind SpotInstrumental Mix3:11
  • 045Night To RememberVocal Mix3:10
  • 046Night To RememberInstrumental Mix3:10
  • 047I'm In Love AgainVocal Mix2:26
  • 048I'm In Love AgainInstrumental Mix2:26
  • 049Living In A Cold WorldVocal Mix3:11
  • 050Living In A Cold WorldVocals Only3:11
  • 051Living In A Cold WorldInstrumental Mix3:11
  • 052War Machine (AAM)Vocal Mix3:55
  • 053War Machine (AAM)Instrumental Mix3:55
  • 054War Machine (AAM)Instrumental - No Lead Gtr3:55
  • 055Carry Your PictureVocal Mix3:14
  • 056Carry Your PictureInstrumental Mix3:14
  • 057Put Your Hands Up HighVocal Mix2:28
  • 058Put Your Hands Up HighInstrumental Mix2:28
  • 059Gonna Show YouVocal Mix3:21
  • 060Gonna Show YouInstrumental Mix3:21
  • 061CommunicationVocal Mix2:58
  • 062CommunicationInstrumental Mix2:58
  • 063Now Or NothingVocal Mix3:23
  • 064Now Or NothingInstrumental Mix3:24
  • 065Now Or NothingInstrumental - No Lead Gtr3:22
  • 066Now Or NothingInstrumental - Bass & Drums Only3:12




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