Rock Revolution

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Rock Revolution AAM539

A powerful collection of catchy rock tracks with styles spanning hard rock, indie rock, alt rock, blues rock, pop rock, and more.

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM539

  • 001Breaking BadFull Mix3:37
  • 002Breaking BadNo vocal sample3:37
  • 003Breaking BadBass and Drums only3:37
  • 004Breaking Bad60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 005Breaking Bad30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 006Rock WarriorFull Mix1:53
  • 007Rock WarriorNo Guitar Melody1:53
  • 008Rock WarriorNo Bass or Drums1:53
  • 009Rock WarriorBass And Drums Only1:53
  • 010Rock Warrior60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 011Rock Warrior30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 012Problems GoneFull Mix1:42
  • 013Problems GoneNo Melody1:42
  • 014Problems GoneNo Bass or Drums1:42
  • 015Problems GoneBass And Drums Only1:42
  • 016Problems Gone60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 017Problems Gone30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 018Feel The BuzzFull Mix1:05
  • 019Feel The BuzzNo Melody1:05
  • 020Feel The BuzzNo Drums1:05
  • 021Feel The BuzzBass And Drums Only1:05
  • 022Feel The Buzz60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 023Feel The Buzz30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 024Mystery PersonFull Mix1:32
  • 025Mystery PersonNo Melody1:32
  • 026Mystery PersonNo Bass or Drums1:32
  • 027Mystery PersonBass And Drums Only1:32
  • 028Mystery Person60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:59
  • 029Mystery Person30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 030Two Men DeepFull Mix1:48
  • 031Two Men DeepNo Melody1:48
  • 032Two Men DeepBass And Drums Only1:48
  • 033Two Men Deep60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 034Two Men Deep30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 035Mean StreakFull Mix1:40
  • 036Mean StreakNo Brass1:40
  • 037Mean StreakNo FX Synth1:40
  • 038Mean StreakMusic Bed1:40
  • 039Mean StreakNo Bass or Drums1:40
  • 040Mean StreakBass And Drums Only1:40
  • 041Mean Streak60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 042Mean Streak30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 043Easy DaysFull Mix1:53
  • 044Easy DaysAcoustic Bed1:53
  • 045Easy DaysNo Organ Melody1:53
  • 046Easy DaysNo Drums1:53
  • 047Easy DaysBass And Drums Only1:53
  • 048Easy Days60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 049Easy Days30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:29
  • 050Handle With CareFull Mix1:46
  • 051Handle With CareNo Melody1:46
  • 052Handle With CareNo Bass or Drums1:46
  • 053Handle With CareBass And Drums Only1:46
  • 054Handle With Care60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 055Handle With Care30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 056Risk FreeFull Mix2:05
  • 057Risk FreeNo Melody2:05
  • 058Risk FreeNo Drums2:05
  • 059Risk FreeBass And Drums Only2:05
  • 060Risk Free60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 061Risk Free30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 062Tire KickerFull Mix2:13
  • 063Tire KickerMusic Bed2:13
  • 064Tire KickerBass And Drums Only2:13
  • 065Tire Kicker60 Seconds Edit, Music Bed1:00
  • 066Tire Kicker30 Seconds Edit, Music Bed0:30
  • 067Rock HighwayFull - Rock Mix1:59
  • 068Rock HighwayAlt Mix With Synth SFX1:59
  • 069Rock HighwayMusic Bed1:59
  • 070Rock HighwayNo Bass or Drums1:59
  • 071Rock HighwayBass And Drums Only1:59
  • 072Rock Highway60 Seconds Edit, Full Rock Mix1:00
  • 073Rock Highway30 Seconds Edit, Full Rock Mix0:30
  • 074SecondhandFull Mix1:31
  • 075SecondhandNo Melody1:31
  • 076SecondhandNo Drums1:31
  • 077SecondhandBass And Drums Only1:31
  • 078Secondhand60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 079Secondhand30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 080Rock TravelerFull Mix1:06
  • 081Rock TravelerNo Melody1:06
  • 082Rock TravelerNo Drums1:06
  • 083Rock TravelerBass And Drums Only1:06
  • 084Rock Traveler60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 085Rock Traveler30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 086Wah The Heck NotFull Mix1:57
  • 087Wah The Heck NotMusic Bed1:58
  • 088Wah The Heck NotNo Drums Or Perc1:57
  • 089Wah The Heck NotBass And Drums Only1:58
  • 090Wah The Heck Not60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 091Wah The Heck Not30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30




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