Hip Hop Beats Vol. 2

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Hip Hop Beats Vol. 2 AAM538

Volume 2 features fresh and current hip-hop tracks featuring cool beats, groovy basslines, hypnotic synths, and catchy synths. Moods range from mellow to mysterious and dramatic.

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM538

  • 001WatchtowerFull Mix2:28
  • 002WatchtowerNo Bass Or Drums2:28
  • 003WatchtowerBass & Drums Only2:28
  • 004Watchtower60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 005Watchtower30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 006Out In SpaceFull Mix2:56
  • 007Out In SpaceNo Drums2:56
  • 008Out In SpaceBass & Drums Only2:53
  • 009Out In Space60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 010Out In Space30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 011Look UpFull Mix3:55
  • 012Look UpNo Bass Or Drums3:58
  • 013Look UpDrums Only3:39
  • 014Look Up60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 015Look Up30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 016Crack HighFull Mix2:10
  • 017Crack HighNo Bass Or Drums2:10
  • 018Crack HighBass & Drums Only2:10
  • 019Crack High60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 020Crack High30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 021Fight To WinFull Mix2:06
  • 022Fight To WinNo Melody2:06
  • 023Fight To WinBass & Drums Only1:49
  • 024Fight To Win60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 025Fight To Win30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 026Make HistoryFull Mix3:20
  • 027Make HistoryNo Bass Or Drums3:19
  • 028Make HistoryBass & Drums Only3:20
  • 029Make History60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 030Make History30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 031Backdoor AccessFull Mix3:18
  • 032Backdoor AccessNo Vocal3:18
  • 033Backdoor AccessNo Drums3:18
  • 034Backdoor AccessBass & Drums Only3:18
  • 035Backdoor Access60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 036Backdoor Access30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 037After MidnightFull Mix2:10
  • 038After MidnightNo Bass Or Drums2:10
  • 039After MidnightBass & Drums Only2:03
  • 040After Midnight60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 041After Midnight30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 042Urban RomanceFull Mix3:03
  • 043Urban RomanceNo Bass Or Drums3:03
  • 044Urban RomanceBass & Drums Only3:03
  • 045Urban Romance60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 046Urban Romance30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 047Dark HustleFull Mix4:02
  • 048Dark HustleNo Bass Or Drums3:58
  • 049Dark HustleDrums Only3:56
  • 050Dark Hustle60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 051Dark Hustle30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 052Million LightsFull Mix3:50
  • 053Million LightsNo Bass Or Drums3:50
  • 054Million LightsDrums Only3:33
  • 055Million Lights60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 056Million Lights30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 057Black VanFull Mix2:08
  • 058Black VanNo Melody2:08
  • 059Black VanBass & Drums Only1:54
  • 060Black Van60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 061Black Van30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 062Ace In The HoleFull Mix4:17
  • 063Ace In The HoleNo Bass Or Drums4:18
  • 064Ace In The HoleBass & Drums Only4:23
  • 065Ace In The Hole60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 066Ace In The Hole30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 067HustlinFull Mix3:50
  • 068HustlinNo Bass Or Drums3:50
  • 069HustlinBass & Drums Only3:50
  • 070Hustlin60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 071Hustlin30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 072Mysterious LandsFull Mix2:12
  • 073Mysterious LandsNo Bass Or Drums2:12
  • 074Mysterious LandsBass & Drums Only2:12
  • 075Mysterious Lands60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 076Mysterious Lands30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 077HypocriteFull Mix2:02
  • 078HypocriteNo Melody2:02
  • 079HypocriteMusic Bed1:47
  • 080Hypocrite60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 081Hypocrite30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 082Lost EraFull Mix4:00
  • 083Lost EraNo Melody3:55
  • 084Lost EraNo Drums3:57
  • 085Lost EraDrums Only3:41
  • 086Lost Era60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 087Lost Era30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30
  • 088Lost WordsFull Mix2:04
  • 089Lost WordsNo Melody2:04
  • 090Lost WordsBass & Drums Only2:06
  • 091Lost Words60 Seconds Edit, Full Mix1:00
  • 092Lost Words30 Seconds Edit, Full Mix0:30




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