Modern Impact

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Modern Impact AAM533

Action & tension electronic/orchestra tracks, beds, textures & drones - all without drums!

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM533

  • 001Desolate ManMain2:35
  • 002Desolate ManMusic bed2:35
  • 003Desolate ManNo solo strings2:35
  • 004Desolate ManDrone2:35
  • 005Ardent CallMain1:58
  • 006Ardent CallMusic bed1:58
  • 007Ardent CallDrone1:58
  • 008Ardent CallAlternative Drone1:58
  • 009Damage ControlMain2:16
  • 010Damage ControlMusic bed2:16
  • 011Damage ControlDrone2:16
  • 012MetamorphosisMain2:10
  • 013MetamorphosisMusic bed2:10
  • 014MetamorphosisDrone2:10
  • 015Eyes On YouMain1:42
  • 016Eyes On YouMusic bed1:42
  • 017Eyes On YouDrone1:42
  • 018Space TravelerMain2:19
  • 019Space TravelerMusic bed2:19
  • 020Space TravelerDrone2:19
  • 021Hybrid IntentionMain2:37
  • 022Hybrid IntentionMusic bed2:29
  • 023Hybrid IntentionDrone2:37
  • 024Deep RealmMain2:22
  • 025Deep RealmMusic bed2:22
  • 026Deep RealmDrone2:22
  • 027AstrictionMain2:27
  • 028AstrictionNo piano2:27
  • 029AstrictionDrone2:20
  • 030Undercover MysteryMain2:02
  • 031Undercover MysteryMusic bed2:02
  • 032Undercover MysteryDrone2:02




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