Sonic Attitudes

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Sonic Attitudes AAM532

Electronica and dance with an attitude

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM532

  • 001For The CauseMain2:54
  • 002For The CauseMusic bed2:54
  • 003For The CauseNo Vocals2:54
  • 004For The CauseDrums and lows2:54
  • 005For The CauseNo Drums2:54
  • 006CaptiousMain2:20
  • 007CaptiousMusic bed2:20
  • 008CaptiousNo Drums2:12
  • 009CaptiousDrums and lows2:20
  • 010Deep NotionMain2:14
  • 011Deep NotionMusic bed2:14
  • 012Deep NotionDrums and lows only2:14
  • 013FrontageMain1:52
  • 014FrontageMusic bed1:48
  • 015FrontageDrums and lows only1:25
  • 016Silk TraderMain3:07
  • 017Silk TraderMusic bed2:47
  • 018Silk TraderNo Piano3:07
  • 019Silk TraderNo Drums3:07
  • 020Silk TraderDrums and lows3:07
  • 021Sands Of LifeMain2:28
  • 022Sands Of LifeMusic bed2:22
  • 023From Da CribMain2:26
  • 024From Da CribMusic bed2:26
  • 025From Da CribNo melody2:26
  • 026From Da CribDrums, bass, and lows2:26
  • 027DingyMain2:15
  • 028DingyMusic bed2:15
  • 029DingyNo melody2:15
  • 030DingyDrums, bass, and lows2:03
  • 031ShimmerMain2:06
  • 032ShimmerMusic bed2:06
  • 033Deep AnalysisMain1:42
  • 034Deep AnalysisMusic bed1:42
  • 035Deep AnalysisDrums, bass, and lows1:42
  • 036Full ProbeMain1:12
  • 037Full ProbeMusic bed1:12
  • 038Full ProbeDrums, bass, and lows1:12
  • 039DragmaMain2:03
  • 040DragmaMusic bed2:03
  • 041DragmaNo melody2:03
  • 042DragmaDrums, bass, and lows2:03
  • 043Club CoolMain2:09
  • 044Club CoolMusic bed2:09
  • 045Club CoolNo melody2:09
  • 046Club CoolDrums, bass, and lows2:09
  • 047DisparityMain2:30
  • 048DisparityMusic bed2:30
  • 049DisparityDrums and lows2:30
  • 050DisparityDrums and lows, Alt mix2:30
  • 051Neon DreamsMain2:53
  • 052Neon DreamsMusic bed2:53
  • 053Neon DreamsNo Vocals2:53
  • 054Neon DreamsNo Drums2:53
  • 055Neon DreamsDrums, bass, guitar, and lows2:53




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