Tribal Landscapes

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Tribal Landscapes AAM526

Powerful emotional orchestral underscores driven by tribal drums and percussion.

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM526

  • 001Ancient LandsMain1:59
  • 002Ancient Landsno Voice1:59
  • 003Ancient LandsNo Melody1:59
  • 004Ancient LandsOrchestra only, With Voice1:59
  • 005Ancient LandsOrchestra only, No Voice1:59
  • 006Ancient LandsPerc Only1:59
  • 007Burial GroundsMain1:54
  • 008Burial GroundsNo Melody1:54
  • 009Burial GroundsOrchestra only1:54
  • 010Burial GroundsPerc Only1:54
  • 011Honored HeroesMain1:34
  • 012Honored HeroesNo Melody1:34
  • 013Honored HeroesOrchestra only1:34
  • 014Honored HeroesPerc Only1:34
  • 015WarriorsMain1:41
  • 016WarriorsNo Melody1:41
  • 017WarriorsOrchestra only1:41
  • 018WarriorsPerc Only1:41
  • 019Canopy CreaturesMain1:53
  • 020Canopy CreaturesNo Melody1:53
  • 021Canopy CreaturesOrchestra only1:53
  • 022Canopy CreaturesPerc Only1:53
  • 023Jungle HarvestMain1:45
  • 024Jungle HarvestNo Melody1:45
  • 025Jungle HarvestOrchestra only1:45
  • 026Jungle HarvestPerc Only1:45
  • 027Lighter SideMain1:46
  • 028Lighter SideNo Melody1:46
  • 029Lighter SideOrchestra only1:46
  • 030Lighter SidePerc Only1:46
  • 031Primeval ChaseFull, with Hard End1:40
  • 032Primeval ChaseFull, with Suspense End1:40
  • 033Primeval ChaseNo Melody1:40
  • 034Primeval ChaseOrchestra only1:40
  • 035Primeval ChasePerc Only1:40
  • 036Forest Lives OnMain1:41
  • 037Forest Lives OnNo Melody1:41
  • 038Forest Lives OnOrchestra only1:41
  • 039Forest Lives OnPerc Only1:41
  • 040ReconnaissanceMain1:39
  • 041ReconnaissanceNo Melody1:39
  • 042ReconnaissanceOrchestra only1:39
  • 043ReconnaissancePerc Only1:39
  • 044Nocturnal StalkersMain1:46
  • 045Nocturnal StalkersNo Melody1:46
  • 046Nocturnal StalkersOrchestra only1:46
  • 047Nocturnal StalkersPerc Only1:46
  • 048Sky SearchMain1:45
  • 049Sky SearchNo Melody1:45
  • 050Sky SearchOrchestra only1:45
  • 051Sky SearchPerc Only1:45
  • 052Aboriginal RitualsMain1:56
  • 053Aboriginal RitualsNo Vocals1:56
  • 054Aboriginal RitualsNo Melody1:56
  • 055Aboriginal RitualsOrchestra only1:56
  • 056Aboriginal RitualsPerc Only1:56
  • 057Safari ForensicsMain1:47
  • 058Safari ForensicsNo Melody1:47
  • 059Safari ForensicsOrchestra only1:47
  • 060Safari ForensicsPerc Only1:47
  • 061To Higher GroundMain2:26
  • 062To Higher GroundNo Melody2:26
  • 063To Higher GroundOrchestra only2:26
  • 064To Higher GroundPerc Only2:26
  • 065Summoned SpiritsMain1:46
  • 066Summoned SpiritsNo Melody or Vocal1:46
  • 067Summoned SpiritsOrchestra only1:46
  • 068Summoned SpiritsPerc Only1:46
  • 069Ancient Lands60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 070Ancient Lands60 Seconds Edit, No Voice1:00
  • 071Burial Grounds60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 072Honored Heroes60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 073Warriors60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 074Canopy Creatures60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 075Jungle Harvest60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 076Lighter Side60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 077Primeval Chase60 Seconds Edit, Full, Hard End1:00
  • 078Forest Lives On60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 079Reconnaissance60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 080Nocturnal Stalkers60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 081Sky Search60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 082Aboriginal Rituals60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 083Safari Forensics60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 084To Higher Ground60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 085Summoned Spirits60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 086Ancient Lands30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 087Burial Grounds30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 088Honored Heroes30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 089Warriors30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 090Canopy Creatures30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 091Jungle Harvest30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 092Lighter Side30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 093Primeval Chase30 Seconds Edit, Full, Hard End0:30
  • 094Forest Lives On30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 095Reconnaissance30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 096Nocturnal Stalkers30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 097Sky Search30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 098Aboriginal Rituals30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 099Safari Forensics30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 100To Higher Ground30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 101Summoned Spirits30 Seconds Edit0:30




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