Dark Secrets

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Dark Secrets AAM510

Dramatic, eerie, and powerful tracks from the dark side.

Audio Addiction Music Library AAM510

  • 001All Is LostMain1:07
  • 002Close Your EyesMain3:14
  • 003Close Your EyesShort1:10
  • 004Behind The MirrorMain0:34
  • 005Away From HomeMain1:02
  • 006EndarkenedMain1:20
  • 007Blank StareMain0:33
  • 008CalamityMain1:02
  • 009ChosenMain0:30
  • 010Danger IslandMain0:52
  • 011Danger ValleyMain1:06
  • 012Dark TimesMain7:05
  • 013Day In HellMain0:13
  • 014EscapeMain3:42
  • 015Falling SoulsMain0:13
  • 016Ghost ShipMain0:42
  • 017Last TimeMain1:25
  • 018Make Or BreakMain0:38
  • 019No PositionMain1:58
  • 020No TruthMain0:35
  • 021Oil And WaterMain1:52
  • 022Pressure PointMain2:37
  • 023Private SectorMain0:58
  • 024ProphecyMain0:24
  • 025PsycheMain2:25
  • 026ResurrectionMain0:43
  • 027Storm CloudsMain1:00
  • 028TragediesMain1:07
  • 029Ultimate PowerMain1:54
  • 030UndeadMain0:32
  • 031UnseenMain4:41
  • 032War Of ManyMain0:36




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