New Releases

  1. Dramedy

    Cover - Dramedy
    November 2017

    Blinq brings you that ultimate combination of drama, intrigue and comical plot developments in our latest album Dramedy. It’ll give you a tantalizing look into the world of all things reality. So gasp, giggle and delight ‘cos this is as good as it gets.

  2. Fashion Runway

    Cover - Fashion Runway
    November 2017

    Another blinq album ready for take-off from our Fashion Runway. We’ve taken the BPM’s from our Fashionesque albums and toned them down a notch. The result is a more edgy, yet mellow take on all things lifestyle and fashion. Suitable for all things cool.

  3. Top Of The World Vol. 2

    Cover - Top Of The World Vol. 2
    October 2017

    You’re feeling inspired, happy and cheerful. You’re on top of the world! At blinq we know that very feeling and love to put it to music. Life is good!

  4. Threesome

    Cover - Threesome
    October 2017

    Playfulness meets sophistication: a colorful mix of original compositions and arrangements with a lot of wit and virtuosity. The brothers Dörsam manage once again to inspire the listener with unusual arrangements and a musical world of sound from mainly guitars and wind instruments. The style is always personal and traditional.

  5. Fashionesque Vol. 3

    Cover - Fashionesque Vol. 3
    September 2017

    We’re back on the runway and presenting you the next icons of fashion. Tracks that fit the fashion lingo like a well cut suit. Need more fashion tracks? Check out blinq 003 and blinq 020.

  6. OneTakers Vol. 2

    Cover - OneTakers Vol. 2
    September 2017

    7 musicians locked up in a studio for three days. One mission: record & mix 16 tracks in one go. No editing, no quantizing. No BS. What you hear is what you get. OneTakers Vol. 2 shows you blinq’s unconditional love for music. Need more love? Check out the original OneTakers on blinq 044.

  7. Grandeur

    Cover - Grandeur
    August 2017

    Grandeur is one of a kind. An impressive and dignified musical collection of stately splendour, grace and excellence. This illustrious album distinguishes itself from the rest.

  8. Crime & Investigation Vol. 2

    Cover - Crime & Investigation Vol. 2
    July 2017

    Blinq is really killing it this time. We return to the scene of the crime with Crime & Investigation Volume 2. Again we offer up another great set of musical mystery solving pieces for you to feast on. Go dissect and ponder the criminal mind.

  9. Legends

    Cover - Legends
    June 2017

    Grand, epic and thrilling. An album of lush, modern film score featuring a full live-orchestra.

  10. Delicate Emotion

    Cover - Delicate Emotion
    June 2017

    This beautiful mix of acoustic guitar sounds and male vocals will light up your day.

  11. Anthemic Sports

    Cover - Anthemic Sports
    February 2017

    Run with us on the fast lane! Aerobic, gymnastics, sports, documentary, report.

  12. Fractured Folk

    Cover - Fractured Folk
    February 2017

    A mix of mostly unplugged Folk, sometimes refined with modern sounds which will amaze you . Documentary, Folk, nostalgia.

  13. Blues Journey

    Cover - Blues Journey
    February 2017

    Grand stylistics in all their variety in Ry Cooder-Style.

  14. The Quirk Factor

    Cover - The Quirk Factor
    February 2017

    Tracks with a modern upbeat, at times humorous and witty, at times earnest. Children,reports, research, industrial.

  15. Scattered Beats

    Cover - Scattered Beats
    February 2017

    Caution! This new Album produced by Encore Merci will cover you with darkness. Psycho, Crime, Danger, Electro. This will give you a chill.

  16. Very Deep House

    Cover - Very Deep House
    February 2017

    You don’t want to dance? This will change now! With cool sounds and moving beats we are about to paint the town red. Advertising, Fashion, Club, Funky.

  17. Caminos

    Cover - Caminos
    February 2017

    The path is the goal. This production's focus is on nature and romance. Mostly acoustic sounds evoke unique, breath-taking impressions of open range and peacefulness.

  18. Delicate Flow

    Cover - Delicate Flow
    November 2016

    Pensive, subtle sound pictures with touches of melody and minimalist patterns. Documentary, nature, emotional, narrative.

  19. Art Of Drama

    Cover - Art Of Drama
    November 2016

    The Empire strikes back! Underscores in an up-to-date sound design create dramatic, eerie, mysterious, dark moods.

  20. Woman In Jazz

    Cover - Woman In Jazz
    September 2016

    Female Vocals, delicate Jazz and Latin songs. For instrumental versions see CD 2! Reportage, Urban, Bar, Lounge.


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