New releases

  1. Shades Of Light

    Cover - Shades Of Light
    June 2017

    Light and shadow are closely related. Quality music for documentaries and crime.

  2. Adrenaline Rush

    Cover - Adrenaline Rush
    June 2017

    Fasten your seatbelts! Adrenaline Rush is guaranteed. Club, electro and fashion

  3. Legends

    Cover - Legends
    June 2017

    Grand, epic and thrilling. An album of lush, modern film score featuring a full live-orchestra.

  4. Delicate Emotion

    Cover - Delicate Emotion
    June 2017

    This beautiful mix of acoustic guitar sounds and male vocals will light up your day.

  5. The Quirk Factor

    Cover - The Quirk Factor
    February 2017

    Tracks with a modern upbeat, at times humorous and witty, at times earnest. Children,reports, research, industrial.

  6. Blues Journey

    Cover - Blues Journey
    February 2017

    Grand stylistics in all their variety in Ry Cooder-Style.

  7. Anthemic Sports

    Cover - Anthemic Sports
    February 2017

    Run with us on the fast lane! Aerobic, gymnastics, sports, documentary, report.

  8. Fractured Folk

    Cover - Fractured Folk
    February 2017

    A mix of mostly unplugged Folk, sometimes refined with modern sounds which will amaze you . Documentary, Folk, nostalgia.

  9. Very Deep House

    Cover - Very Deep House
    February 2017

    You don’t want to dance? This will change now! With cool sounds and moving beats we are about to paint the town red. Advertising, Fashion, Club, Funky.

  10. Scattered Beats

    Cover - Scattered Beats
    February 2017

    Caution! This new Album produced by Encore Merci will cover you with darkness. Psycho, Crime, Danger, Electro. This will give you a chill.


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