New releases

  1. Quirky Moments

    Cover - Quirky Moments
    June 2015

    Retro-kitsch album, with quirky, offbeat, positive and funny moods. Welcome back to the 50's and 60's!

  2. Cool Mix

    Cover - Cool Mix
    June 2015

    Smooth and groovy trip hop-electro tracks mixing cool and funky sounds, positive and melancholic moods. Groovy baby!

  3. Classical Guitar

    Cover - Classical Guitar
    May 2015

    An album of beautiful, emotive acoustic guitar music. Thinking about the four seasons, nature, landscapes and more.

  4. Garage Rock - The Bad Samaritans

    Cover - Garage Rock - The Bad Samaritans
    May 2015

    Celebrate Rock’n’Roll with an exceptional blend of Garage, Blues and Southern Rock! Urban, traffic, leisure, documentary.

  5. Three Mellow Melodies

    Cover - Three Mellow Melodies
    May 2015

    Pensive guitars for emotional moments. Documentary, portrait, landscape.

  6. Alt Indie

    Cover - Alt Indie
    May 2015

    Independent, free, relaxed, flowing! Small episodes in Indie style. Documentary, summer, leisure, urban.

  7. Witty Discoveries

    Cover - Witty Discoveries
    April 2015

    A very colourful, smartish mix! Film Score of an intelligent, humorous kind with many surprising effects and great attention to detail. Documentary, reportage, animals, children, slapstick and many funny situations.

  8. Melting Pop

    Cover - Melting Pop
    March 2015

    Pop rock and electro pop songs. Positive, happy. 80's and 90's inspired. Reportage, Urban, Free Time, Hobby.

  9. Old School Bass

    Cover - Old School Bass
    February 2015

    The best of Jazz Bass from the Sixties! Here comes the sound from the deep. Easy Listening, funky, leisure, urban, nostalgia.

  10. Life Is A Dream

    Cover - Life Is A Dream
    February 2015

    A glimpse into different spheres! Electro sounds create unreal impressions. Space, research, science.