New releases

  1. Avant-Garde Spirit

    Cover - Avant-Garde Spirit
    February 2016

    Innovative music with mostly narrative traits, for cultural, arts, museum.

  2. Fashionesque Vol. 2

    Cover - Fashionesque Vol. 2
    November 2015

    Drape yourself in music. Designed for super models only.

  3. Smart Trailers

    Cover - Smart Trailers
    November 2015

    This won’t be easy: orchestral scenes of the dark, mysterious, oppressive kind. Ideal for drama trailers, emotional moments, profound impressions.

  4. Gypsy Swing

    Cover - Gypsy Swing
    November 2015

    Swing is here! A trip into the rich musical culture of the Sinti and Roma peoples. Django Reinhardt says hi! Hoiday, travel, documentray, reportage, advertising, urban.

  5. Quirk Meister

    Cover - Quirk Meister
    November 2015

    The quirkiest of quirky fools. We’ve got them on record.

  6. Indietronica

    Cover - Indietronica
    November 2015

    Analogue gear in a digital age combined with an indie kick.

  7. Electric Pop - Vol. 2

    Cover - Electric Pop - Vol. 2
    November 2015

    It’s pop but not as you know it. Cling on to the current vibe.

  8. Manic Mayhem

    Cover - Manic Mayhem
    November 2015

    Manic Mayhem Take care of your kids and animals. A wave of beats, bangs and bipolar musicians will drive you to the edge. Will you jump?

  9. Pressure Point Vol. 2

    Cover - Pressure Point Vol. 2
    November 2015

    Forensic collection of tracks that offer you knowledge and methods to solve crimes against the human ear. Seek no further. This is undisputedly the point of entry.

  10. Inspired Performance Vol. 2

    Cover - Inspired Performance Vol. 2
    November 2015

    Captivating performance from live musicians help to inspire your audience. We’ve done our bit, now it’s up to you.