New releases

  1. Luxe For Life

    Cover - Luxe For Life
    October 2015

    A wide choice of luscious colours from orchestral to elecronica. Suits both fairyland and catwalk, but also landscapes, documentary, fashion and lifestyle.

  2. Urban Hip Hop

    Cover - Urban Hip Hop
    September 2015

    Touring the suburbs in Hip-Hop Style. Documentary, urban, cool.

  3. The Simple Piano & String Collection

    Cover - The Simple Piano & String Collection
    September 2015

    An album full of emotional moments and minimalist elements. Solo piano in intimate dialogue with strings. Nature, landscape, documentary.

  4. Breaking Bayou Beats

    Cover - Breaking Bayou Beats
    September 2015

    Exploring the mystic South of the United States! Criminal, lawless, stylish.

  5. Modern Disco

    Cover - Modern Disco
    September 2015

    A colourful mix of Disco and Funk sounds of the 80s! Leisure, hobby, party, urban.

  6. Summer Breeze

    Cover - Summer Breeze
    July 2015

    Just relax: guitar, bass and drums/percussion are playing emotive music with a laid-back feeling. Get the groove and join the cruise, it's going to be summer! For city and countryside, holidays and travel, sailing, flying and anything else on cloud nine.

  7. Folk Stories

    Cover - Folk Stories
    July 2015

    Calm ballads in classical band lineup. Little stories with Folk elements. Nostalgia, summer, leisure, rural.

  8. Cool Mix

    Cover - Cool Mix
    June 2015

    Smooth and groovy trip hop-electro tracks mixing cool and funky sounds, positive and melancholic moods. Groovy baby!

  9. Quirky Moments

    Cover - Quirky Moments
    June 2015

    Retro-kitsch album, with quirky, offbeat, positive and funny moods. Welcome back to the 50's and 60's!

  10. Three Mellow Melodies

    Cover - Three Mellow Melodies
    May 2015

    Pensive guitars for emotional moments. Documentary, portrait, landscape.