New releases

  1. Fragrancia do Brasil

    Cover - Fragrancia do Brasil
    July 2016

    The flavour of Brazil! A very colourful mix of authentic, fun-loving, sometimes melancholic tracks, some with Portuguese vocals. Reportage, Brazil, Culture, Urban, Travel, Landscape, Nature, Summer, Beach, Southern Atmosphere, Advertising.

  2. Own Songs

    Cover - Own Songs
    June 2016

    Flower Power from two authentic 68’s songwriters incl. instrumental versions! Documentary, Vintage, Woodstock, Advertising.

  3. Quirk Meister Vol. 2

    Cover - Quirk Meister Vol. 2
    May 2016

    Do you think it’s quirky that every dog has his day, unless he loses his tail and then he has a weak-end?

  4. Indie Scenery Vol. 2

    Cover - Indie Scenery Vol. 2
    May 2016

    Feel surrounded by free spirits. Look around you and enjoy the view.

  5. Vocal Venom

    Cover - Vocal Venom
    May 2016

    We have bowed to our Master. Now it’s time to kneel to the Gods of Vocal Venom. These moans, screams, grunts & yells with punchy vocals turn any promo into trailer cash.

  6. Environmental Stories Vol. 2

    Cover - Environmental Stories Vol. 2
    May 2016

    This music warms the globe. And for a change: that’s a good thing!

  7. Vintage Kool

    Cover - Vintage Kool
    May 2016

    Step up to the cool sound of new music recorded the old fashioned way. These tracks are filled with audio pinch so throw your best punch.

  8. Documentary

    Cover - Documentary
    May 2016

    Broaden your horizon and keep your eyes wide open. And bear in mind you have to stick to the facts.

  9. Aspire to Greatness

    Cover - Aspire to Greatness
    April 2016

    The true definition of ambition. So grab your ultimate dream.

  10. Buzz 'n Fuzz

    Cover - Buzz 'n Fuzz
    April 2016

    The fuzz is all about you. And the buzz it creates!