New releases

  1. BeZen

    Cover - BeZen
    April 2014

    Where it all began! Traditional music from the Far East. Reportage, documentary, travel, vacation, cruise.

  2. ZenEscape

    Cover - ZenEscape
    April 2014

    Most trips take place in the head! The route from Africa to China. World Music that grooves. Reportage, documentary, travel, vacation, cruise.

  3. TheArtOfLaziness

    Cover - TheArtOfLaziness
    February 2014

    Idleness can be soo sweet! Relaxed listening, time to dream and think ... just feel good! Stylistic diversity, floating or groovy, but always relaxed. Evening mood, documentary, bar, city, country.

  4. Acoustic Scenes

    Cover - Acoustic Scenes
    November 2013

    Come to peace! Airy sound experience times mysterious, sometimes bright, but always unplugged. Reportage, documentation, landscape, seasons, melancholy.

  5. Documentary Stories

    Cover - Documentary Stories
    November 2013

    Tell stories! Minimalist musical figures and sensitive instrumentation give the pictures hypnotic power and emotional depth. Reportage, documentation, city, country, river.

  6. Stark

    Cover - Stark
    October 2013

    A dramatic selection of underscores, beds and soundscapes. Atmospheric paintings create mysterious, surreal moods. Underwater, astronomy, suspense, threat.

  7. Braintronic

    Cover - Braintronic
    October 2013

    This has got savvy! Electro stimulation of the acoustic nerve, rhythmic impulse to your muscles. Spacy sounds excite your imagination and make you feel cool. Research, sciences, technology, but also landscapes and urban.

  8. ChillToRelax

    Cover - ChillToRelax
    September 2013

    Summer feeling -- Relax on the beach, with a Coconut Kiss in your hand and a smile on your face...! Sunny, summer, beach life, wellness.

  9. CarpeDiem

    Cover - CarpeDiem
    September 2013

    Feelings running high, and pure sensuality. Enjoy life and do not brood over tomorrow, that is the musical message here. Urban, evening hours, sunrise.

  10. BeNatural

    Cover - BeNatural
    July 2013

    Back to nature! Listen to the seasons, the elements. Natures, landscapes, rivers, forests.