New releases

  1. Breaking Bayou Beats

    Cover - Breaking Bayou Beats
    September 2015

    Exploring the mystic South of the United States! Criminal, lawless, stylish.

  2. Urban Hip Hop

    Cover - Urban Hip Hop
    July 2015

    Touring the suburbs in Hip-Hop Style. Documentary, urban, cool.

  3. Modern Disco

    Cover - Modern Disco
    July 2015

    A colourful mix of Disco and Funk sounds of the 80s! Leisure, hobby, party, urban.

  4. The Simple Piano & String Collection

    Cover - The Simple Piano & String Collection
    June 2015

    An album full of emotional moments and minimalist elements. Solo piano in intimate dialogue with strings. Nature, landscape, documentary.

  5. Folk Stories

    Cover - Folk Stories
    June 2015

    Calm ballads in classical band lineup. Little stories with Folk elements. Nostalgia, summer, leisure, rural.

  6. Classical Guitar

    Cover - Classical Guitar
    May 2015

    An album of beautiful, emotive acoustic guitar music. Thinking about the four seasons, nature, landscapes and more.

  7. Three Mellow Melodies

    Cover - Three Mellow Melodies
    May 2015

    Pensive guitars for emotional moments. Documentary, portrait, landscape.

  8. Garage Rock - The Bad Samaritans

    Cover - Garage Rock - The Bad Samaritans
    May 2015

    Celebrate Rock’n’Roll with an exceptional blend of Garage, Blues and Southern Rock! Urban, traffic, leisure, documentary.

  9. Alt Indie

    Cover - Alt Indie
    May 2015

    Independent, free, relaxed, flowing! Small episodes in Indie style. Documentary, summer, leisure, urban.

  10. Witty Discoveries

    Cover - Witty Discoveries
    April 2015

    A very colourful, smartish mix! Film Score of an intelligent, humorous kind with many surprising effects and great attention to detail. Documentary, reportage, animals, children, slapstick and many funny situations.