New releases

  1. Shades Of Darkness

    Cover - Shades Of Darkness
    September 2016

    Mysterious underscores in Trip Hop-Urban-Style! Documentary, Drama.

  2. In Mix We Trust

    Cover - In Mix We Trust
    September 2016

    Electronica and Dubstep, 90s style. Reports, urban, recreation, partying.

  3. Woman In Jazz

    Cover - Woman In Jazz
    September 2016

    Female Vocals, delicate Jazz and Latin songs. For instrumental versions see CD 2! Reportage, Urban, Bar, Lounge.

  4. Fragrancia do Brasil

    Cover - Fragrancia do Brasil
    July 2016

    The flavour of Brazil! A very colourful mix of authentic, fun-loving, sometimes melancholic tracks, some with Portuguese vocals. Reportage, Brazil, Culture, Urban, Travel, Landscape, Nature, Summer, Beach, Southern Atmosphere, Advertising.

  5. Own Songs

    Cover - Own Songs
    June 2016

    Flower Power from two authentic 68’s songwriters incl. instrumental versions! Documentary, Vintage, Woodstock, Advertising.

  6. Environmental Stories Vol. 2

    Cover - Environmental Stories Vol. 2
    May 2016

    This music warms the globe. And for a change: that’s a good thing!

  7. Indie Scenery Vol. 2

    Cover - Indie Scenery Vol. 2
    May 2016

    Feel surrounded by free spirits. Look around you and enjoy the view.

  8. Documentary

    Cover - Documentary
    May 2016

    Broaden your horizon and keep your eyes wide open. And bear in mind you have to stick to the facts.

  9. Vocal Venom

    Cover - Vocal Venom
    May 2016

    We have bowed to our Master. Now it’s time to kneel to the Gods of Vocal Venom. These moans, screams, grunts & yells with punchy vocals turn any promo into trailer cash.

  10. Vintage Kool

    Cover - Vintage Kool
    May 2016

    Step up to the cool sound of new music recorded the old fashioned way. These tracks are filled with audio pinch so throw your best punch.